Erin Ashton,  Photographer



Erin first became involved in the real estate industry in 2002. With a background in advertising and multimedia design and production, she applied her knowledge and experience to the marketing and promotion side of the business. After the arrival of children and subsequent evolution of digital technology and cameras, her true passion, photography, was once again inspired. Back to school for professional training and in the fall of 2010, LuckBird Photography was born!

Specializing exclusively in real estate and partnering with various brokerages and agents across the city, Erin thoroughly enjoys being a part of such an exciting and ever-changing industry.


The Brand

There's a (true!) story behind the LuckBird brand. It involves Erin, a Bird and a little thing called Luck.

"Turning a corner in my neighbourhood one day, I noticed something fluttering on the ground out of the corner of my eye. I kept driving, but knew what I had seen was out of the ordinary. Trusting my gut, I turned back to investigate.

Upon returning, I discovered the commotion was that of a barn swallow, whose neck and wings were caught in plastic mesh, rendering him flightless. To make matters worse, his/her mate was frantically flying and pacing about, chirping up a storm.

I tried to free the bird, but to no avail. So one swallow in hand, the other squawking close behind, we approached a neighbour tending her garden. The lady answered my request for scissors, and before long, the binding trap was cut free and the swallows swooped and swirled and flew away.

The woman, English not her first language, told me, "That a luck bird for you." To this day, I don't know whether she meant that the bird was lucky (that I found it), or that it would bring me luck. Either way, I'm happy it all worked out.

How does all of this relate to my work as a photographer?

I feel incredibly lucky to be doing something I truly love. Photography is a passion that both motivates and inspires. I have an eye - for birds, four leaf clovers (you should see my collection!) and when behind the lens... things that matter and make a difference. I genuinely care and will go out of my way to capture what's best for those around me."

– Erin Ashton, LuckBird Photography